French Press Coffee

A while back I acquired a dented coffee press for free. (It’s an all stainless steel bodum, no glass to break! woo!)

Nom nom nom!

I had a drip coffee maker I was using, and I have always been told that french press coffee is better than drip. I believed it too, but never got around to doing it. Old habits die hard I guess.



Then a month or so ago our drip coffee started tasting awful. It never really WAS tasty coffee, but it was drinkable. A way to deliver caffeine into the system. I probably just needed to clean the machine really well, descale it or whatever you do. But again, old habits die hard? And I have this nasty habit of “doing nothing”.

So, it was time to start using the coffee press and abandon ol’ drippy. We picked up a package of Latin Organics “Tomasso” from work, and got started.

The basic measurement for French Press coffee is 1″heaped” tbsp to every 4oz of water. I prefer stronger coffee, so this was a bit of trial and error for me. The first few batches I made were more like coffee flavoured water.

I’ve found adding 1 extra tbsp helps. For example, I’d measure 5 tbsp of coffee, but only use 8oz of water.
The grind of the coffee is very important as well, I learned, through experience and a few blogs I’ve read. You want to try and have a coarser grind of coffee than you would with a drip machine. Otherwise the coffee grinds will push through the mesh in the press and you’ll end up with sludgy silt in the bottom of your cup.


Now that I’ve made a few batches I love it! It really is better coffee. It doesn’t take much longer either. I’m planning on getting an electric kettle to expedite the process even more.


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