Cookie Monster Cupcakes!

It was my friend’s birthday on the 30th, and I generally make cake or cupcakes as my gift. Last year it was pink gears of war cupcakes. This year I went with Cookie Monster.







Relatively easy. Just bake yourself some boxed cake mix, or make one from scratch. I find cake mix is suitable, as you’re going to spend your time decorating. Might as well save your energy for the important part.


Basic buttercream. 2 cups of powdered sugar to every 1/2 cup of butter. I used powdered food colouring as well. I've also used the gel food colouring before, but I try to avoid using the liquid stuff. It can water down your icing, and also taste awful if you're trying to achieve a bright colour.

Grab some mini cookies if you can find them. Mini chocolate chip or mini oreo cookies work great. You can always cut a regular sized cookie in half or 1/4.

I had sugar eyes in my cupboard, so this was an easy choice for me. They can be hard to find. You can get them at the Gourmet Warehouse in Vancouver, or you can just make eyes out of white and black icing right on top of the cupcake.

You'll want to use the "grass" icing tip for this. I forgot to get icing bags, so I've just used a random plastic bag I had. Ziploc bags work great aswell. I also made a HUGE mess on the stove. But alls fair in love and baking?


BEGIN PIPING! Squiggley messes or patiently pipe and pull up to make spikey-blue-grass stuff. I went with squiggley messes.


Place cooOOookie on bottom half of cupcake.

Pipe more icing over the top half of the cookie to simulate monster mouth, and give it another layer of icing on the rest. Cause icing is delicious-yo.

Now for the difficult part. Put the eyes on the cupcake. Resist eating it now. You have many more to make.


Once you have made this many, share! If you're transporting them, I recommend throwing them in the fridge to allow the butter cream to harden so they wont be destroyed along the trip.





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