Vanilla Bean and Peach Pancakes (cheaters way)

So, it’s Sunday morning, you’re hungover and need breakfast. What DO you do?

Bring on das pancakes!

I’m a big fan of hearty breakfasts when hungover, or extremely tired. They just make everything else feel so much better. But sometimes, making the effort is much too difficult.

So I sometimes try to spruce up convenience food as best as I can, to make it still taste delicious, but avoid the whole “doing stuff” thing.

All you need is some pancake mix, some kind of extra flavour and something to throw in there!

My parents went up into the interior for a bit of a vacation and came back with a big box of goodies for me, including some AMAZING fruit.

Yum yum!!

So this morning I used vanilla bean paste, and fresh BC Peaches! But you could use anything really, throw in some cinnamon, almond extract, chocolate chips. Use your imagination (and pantry).

Just follow the pancake mix instructions and add your flavour.

See the vaniller bits?! I added 1 tsp of vanilla bean paste to one batch of Auntie J's pancake mix.

I had to post this picture in here because these peaches are just stupid-delicious.

Portion the batter into the pan, or griddle if you have one and top with your topping of choice!

I can generally fit 3 lopsided pancakes in this pan, but I was going for aesthetics.

Flip once the pancakes are looking slightly dry and bubbly, and brown the other side.

Make a big pile!

Enjoy 🙂


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