Pappardelle with Salmon, Creme Fraiche and Goodness.

So I ended up happening upon a tub of Creme Fraiche (only slightly expired) and a sliced open box of pappardelle. (Thanks GW) And since earlier this morning I took out a piece of salmon for dinner..

*drum roll*

I made some delicious pasta!

Yay! Putting two and two together is fun, isn’t it.

First, you gotta bake you some salmon.

Chop up some little delicious bits while you cook your pasta. Al dente, please. Green onion, parsley, capers, garlic and lemon go well with salmon and creme fraiche.

Sautee the garlic, lemon zest and capers a bit. Please do not burn or overly brown the garlic, foo. It’ll be bitter. Add the creme fraiche, thicken to your liking and season with salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon juice!

Meticulously pick through the salmon for bones, as you know your boyfriend will choke on them and die, and break them into nice bite sized chunks. We’re adding the salmon in last, because we don’t want it over cooked, or overly broken up.

Add to the sauce, along with the pasta, and toss gently.

Forget to take pictures of your sauce making procedure.



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