Black Rice Asian Noodle and Shrimp Salad

For lunch I made a Black Rice Asian Noodle and Shrimp Salad. Quite the mouthful to say but I’m not really sure how else to describe it.


lol. Read on for a step by step recipe!

Step 1: Head to the Gourmet Warehouse and buy some black rice noodles, from the Gluten Free shelf.

Step 2: Gather your ingredients. Assorted sauces, veggies, shrimp, herbs, etc. Julienne accordingly. Keep everything relatively uniform.

Step 3: Cook anything that requires cooking, softening or mellowing. I went with shrimp, green beans, garlic and ginger.

Step 4: Once cooked, throw additional ingredients ontop of pan and set aside. This will soften them slightly, but not make them mushy. We don't want no mushy carrots, yo! I've left the cucumber out all together because I'd like that to remain fresh and crisp.

Step 5: Admire your noodles fondly as you put on some water to boil. Please cook them according to the packaging and/or your liking.

Step 6: Gather most of the asian sauces you have, and make a sauce. Generally a good amount of soy, fish sauce, and even oyster sauce works well. Be sparing with the sesame oil. Sushi vinegar would also work wonderfully.

Step 7: Once the noodles have cooked, and have been rinsed under some cold water to stop said cooking. Mix everything you have in a big 'ol bowl. Weep a little because you have no cilantro, and add some parsley and green onion instead, because that's all you have.

Consume with some dinosaur chopsticks, and all will be well.


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