“detox” day 3

So far so good! Few headaches, but other than that a-ok. Michael seems to be enjoying it aswell. Especially the fruit/yogurty breakfast.

Tofu Stirfry!

It’s difficult cooking without salt, and very very little oil. But I think I’ve dealt with it.

I’m enjoying the challenge of trying to come up with meals with limited ingredients. I think I’ve done well so far. Last night I made fish in coconut curry with brown rice and chickpeas. Tonight made a mushroom/cherry tomato pasta sauce for some corn pasta!

Portobello/Button Mushroom/Cherry Tomato sauce

What I did was first boil some water and rehydrated about 1/2 cup dried portobello mushrooms. Once that was ready to go I began sauteeing some onion and garlic.

I then added about 1 cup chopped button mushrooms and sauteed for a bit, then I added the drained (But save the water!!) portobello mushrooms that had been chopped. Let that cook for a bit then I added a can of italian cherry tomatoes. I then added a few sploshes of the mushroom liquid to make a bit more of a sauce and let it reduce for a bit.

Removed it from the heat and added about 2 tbsp of fresh basil.


Sauce and Gluten free pasta!


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