Michael and I always try to eat healthy, but there are times where there has been a little too much pizza, and WAY too much beer.

Veggie chili with avocado salsa and plain yogurt

So, we decided it was time for a little bit of a “detox”, and since Michael has never done one, we decided to try for a week and see how it goes.

The type of detoxes I go for are very healthy ones. There’s no starvation or extreme measures. Just restriction of certain foods, helping the digestive system rest and allow your body to work out all the nasties.

Our diet is simple:

Pescatarian, so that means fish, veggies, legumes and grains only! (with the exception of eggs- sorry can’t live without.)

No wheat/wheat products-including bread and pasta (with the exception of granola as it’s not extremely processed and they’re whole grains)

No cow dairy (Yogurt is the exception as I can’t seem to find goat’s yogurt easily, nor is it cheap)

No coffee

No alcohol

No white sugar (honey and natural occurring sugars are fine)

You can eat unlimited amounts of fruit and veggies. Along side fish, tofu and beans! Rice and corn products are fine; like rice or corn pasta but please, nothing too processed.

Berries, yogurt and organic granola


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