Breakfast this Morning Steak and Eggs Breakfast Burrito


Just a quick update, as I’m pretty tired. Had to get up at 6 am instead of 8 am this morning! But of course, I found time to make myself an amaazing breakfast burrito before I left. Gotta have a good breakfast with an early start, especially for me, otherwise I’m useless. Not to mention very grumpy.

I had some leftover steak from the previous dinner (Moroccan Steak Quesadillas, another one of those “I need groceries” dinners, but also delicious) and decided to use it for my breakfast. I’m a sucker for steak and eggs, not only because it sounds so wrong, but it’s also incredibly delicious. Though I prefer a medium rare steak with a poached egg.

Regardless, it was very simple.

You know you wannnnit!

What you’ll need!

1 small potato (very small I used a yellow potato)

2 eggs

2 oz thinly sliced cooked steak

1 oz cheddar

1 large tortilla wrap

salt and pepper to taste

Take the potato and grate it. Put it in between some paper towel, and try to get out as much water as possible. Wet potatoes won’t get as crispy, and you’ll end up with gummy mashed potato-browns. Add a tbsp of oil and a bit of butter if you wish into a pan, I used this wonderful cast iron pan I use almost daily. Once hot add the potatoes and brown. Once the hash browns are almost cooked, you can start on the eggs!  At this point I took my steak and threw it on top of the hash browns and put a lid from a pot on top of it, just to heat the steak through as it had been in the fridge.

Then you just scramble up two eggs, place the cheese on top just to melt it slightly, and assemble your wrap! Be sure to season accordingly as you cook. I never seem to mention this as I do it instinctively as I cook. Every time you cook anything, season it. Please!

Nom nom nom nom!

Then you eat, and run off to the skytrain!


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