Beautiful Butterflied-Chicken


I’m gonna be blunt with this. I LOVE chicken.  If I could pick one meat to eat for the rest of my life it would be chicken (Lamb is second…sorry lamb, its not you, it’s me). So I’m always incredibly excited when I have the time to make a roast chicken. There are generally three ways I go about it.

If I really have a lot of time, I like to brine my chicken for a few hours. I just mix a salty concoction and add some garlic, a bay leaf, pepper, paprika and whatever dried herbs I feel like; and submerge the chicken for however long I have.

If I feel like taking the time and am feeling pretty patient (I’m a leo, patience is fleeting), I like to put some herby delicious butter under the skin.

If I have all time in the world, am well rested and feelin’ good. I do both.

Fly into my belly!

This weekend (our “Saturday” aka Tuesday night) I had taken out a whole chicken I had in the freezer for some delicious-time.

I was planning on brining it, as I did have all the time in the world, but unfortunately I also have a very bad short term memory. So it sat a-defrostin’ as we went and ran some errands at metrotown. By the time we got home it was too late for any last minute salt-baths, and I had to work fast to make sure dinner was ready at a reasonable hour.

The best way to quickly cook a wh0le chicken? Break it down into separate pieces. The leo way? Butterfly it!

Not my hand, look at that one handed technique!

To butterfly a chicken, all you need to do is just cut it so bad it wish it never was cut. Or more specifically, cut the backbone out, so the bird can lie flat. This way the chicken will cook evenly, and quickly.

So I butterflied away. For this chicken I decided to go with the butter method. I mixed together some butter, sage, paprika, oregano, garlic, salt and and pepper. Before you start a-slatherin’. You have to take the time to separate the skin from the chicken. This only takes a few moments, and all you have to do is start poking around underneath the chicken’s skin until it’s separated from the breast(ses). Once it’s separated, evenly distribute the butter under the skin, and spread any remaining all over the bird.

Then, place the chicken in a roasting dish. I always like to throw some additional aromatics  into the dish, so I put 1/2 a lemon, 1 small onion sliced in half, and 1 smooshed clove of garlic under the chicken.

Bake in a 375 oven. I cook my chicken until it’s “done” as I’ve cooked many a chicken in my time. If you’re not sure when that is, it’s about an hour and a bit, when the juices run clear, or when the bird reaches 165 degrees.

Now please make sure you let the bird rest for at least 10 minutes so the juices may redistribute, less they run all over the place.

I....I love you.


One response to “Beautiful Butterflied-Chicken

  • James Johnstone

    I believe the more traditional name for this type of cooking method for Chicken is “spatchcocked” and we had one tonight for dinner as well. Great hockey game. Loves the women’s bobsled gold/silver finish and the speed skating silver as well. Go Canada!

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