Aliens vs. Predator review Pt. 4

“You’re all gonna die. The only question is how you check out. Do you want it on your feet? Or on your fuckin’ knees… begging? I ain’t much for begging! Nobody ever gave me nothing! So I say fuck that thing! Let’s fight it!”


Yeah, good luck with that pal.

The Alien, the Xenomorph, is pretty formidable. But how does its campaign stack up?

While I’m partial to the Aliens, it wasn’t as enjoyable as the Predator campaign. There just simply isn’t as much to do with the Aliens. Sneak up and slash someone, run up and slash someone, drop down and slash someone, finishing move, rinse, repeat. Now don’t get me wrong, what was done, was done well. It’s all very smooth and flawless and the controls were agreeable. But after the first level and a half I was very used to things and just going through the motions. None of the level layouts were particularly challenging. Unlike the Predator levels there were no ‘puzzles’ to speak of. If you couldn’t get into a locked room: find a broken grate to slip through and go through the vents. Easy peasy.

Being able to feed people to facehuggers IS pretty cool though!

I was done the Alien campaign the quickest, almost too quickly. They’re damn fast, I even shredded the Predator ‘bosses’ fairly quickly.

One thing I should note, when I said the controls were smooth and flawless, I meant everything except the wall/ceiling crawling. While it functioned and lived up to its promise, it could have been smoother. Running up the walls of an outdoor building and onto the ceiling, the camera gets a bit jerky and twitchy and its a little easy to get confused and disoriented. Which isn’t good when you’re being shot at.

Its disappointing because the original PC AVP games had this done flawlessly the first time, it was an absolute joy to leap around and climb on anything I desired, and that was nearly a decade ago. It should have been better.

Final thoughts?

The campaign is worth the effort, but it doesn’t really do anything that hasn’t been done before. The Predator was easily the most enjoyable, the Aliens were fast and fun, and the Marines sucked and I still haven’t gotten around to finishing that.

The game is gory as hell, visually above average but nothing stupendous. Level design has some great moments but is otherwise just passable. It’s disappointing to go through the same levels 3 times in a row, as the same story is told through three different species at the same time. The only real difference is the Aliens can go through the vents an no one else can. And they’re just vents, nothing to see here, move along.

I want to say the sound was excellent, but a few things pissed me off. First, I already complained about the Smart Gun. Second, the dialogue the Marines say during game-play drove me up the friggin wall. Whether I was playing Aliens or Predators, I couldn’t wait to kill them just to shut them up.

“Don’t relax just yet, Marines!” “Don’t let your guard down!”

It’s one thing to hear the Latino lady saying that to you, once every 20 seconds. But when the black guy says the same thing, and then the white guy does too? Its more repetitive then the Pulse Rifle, and its often laughable when they overlap each other, saying the exact same line of dialogue.

This must be the laziest Marine force in the galaxy if they have to remind each other of this so often.

Overall, not bad. If it was just the campaigns, it wouldn’t be worth the money I spent.

But hopefully, that will all change. Up next: Online Multiplayer!

My mommy always said there were no monsters, no real ones, but there are.

My mommy always said there were no monsters, no real ones, but there are.


2 responses to “Aliens vs. Predator review Pt. 4

  • Dave

    There’s a reason why I keep avp2 installed on my laptop, and it’s not just the framerate. That said, I thought they did a decent job on the campaigns in the sense that all 3 seem to capture the “feel” of each license.

    But yeah, the tedious marines are tedious. And calling the hispanic woman “Tequila”… THAT’S RACIST! Fucks sakes, Vasquez was cool but she isn’t worth cloning to complete the marine experience.

    • mantantalon

      Yeah, I actually couldnt bring myself to writing the final installment in regards to multiplayer. I spent a very frustrating hour trying to play, barely got into any games and when I did, there was no balance. Everyone vs. Me.
      So I traded the game via Goozex.
      Completly underwhelmed and disapointed.

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