Pegboard Wall Organizer

So I’m a regular reader of Apartment Therapy, as we live in a tiny apartment and I’m always looking for ways to spruce it up, and any creative ways to save space. A while back I came across instructions on how to build a peg board wall organizer. I thought it was the greatest idea ever, and decided to plan to have one once we moved to the new place.

Well now we’re in the new place, and it was time to set it up!

The pegboard only cost about $5 from home depot, combined with the wooden frame for the back and the hanging hooks it only cost about $30 total. I was thinking of painting it as well, but when I got around to it I decided to wait.

All you need to do is attach some planks to the back around its edge to give it some separation from the wall, as the peg hooks wont go in if it’s flush to the wall. We just glued them to it, and it worked beautifully. Then all you need to do is anchor it to the wall.

We, of course, didn’t use any anchors due to hungover laziness. But I’m not planning on hanging anything significantly heavy on the thing, so I think it’ll be okay 🙂

Lookin' good!!

Finished product, now all I need it some art to the right 😉

I will rearrange it as I go until I’m completely happy with it. It’ll also change over time with whatever new kitchen gadgets come my way.


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