Aliens vs. Predator review Pt. 3

Now THIS is a campaign.


Finally, I feel so much better about spending that money after going through the Predator campaign. It doesn’t completely erase the stain on my memory of the Marines, but it goes a long way. They could easily make a standalone game for the Predators with what they have here, its very solid.

The Predators have enough neat tricks to keep you interested. From the throw able Combistick to the Batarang-like disc that can take out multiple targets, I found myself barely ever using the shoulder-mounted plasma caster. I like to keep it low-tech. Slaying Aliens is ok, but the real fun comes in stalking Marines. Using the voice techniques to lure Marines just where you want them is fantastic. A variety of ways to dispatch your enemies means the replayability is high. Plus there’s enough puzzles and interesting level design to keep it tricky.

Leanna and I just watched both Predator movies, there’s more then enough material for Rebellion and Sega to make a game just about the Predators. Start in the jungle, work your way to the crime-ridden streets of “near future 1997” Los Angeles (where everyone has a scope on their guns bigger then the guns themselves), I’d be all over that.

Again, the sound is where its at, they took everything from the movies and you can completely immerse yourself in it. No glaring omissions like last time, at least that I noticed. Overall, this game is worth it just for the Predators alone.

But the game needs Jesse Ventura.


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