Aliens vs. Predator review Pt. 2


The Smart Gun. I was waiting for this gun the entire time, this weapon is classic Aliens fare.

And when I finally got it, I couldnt have been more disapointed. What possessed them to forgo the unique sound effect it makes while firing? They got everything else right, why this one? Why did they give it a simple, boring ‘budda budda budda’ sound that you can barely hear during the firefight? Absolutely unforgivable.

So far the rest of the review I’ve read are bang on. The Marines campaign is pretty boring, it was done to death 10 years ago in better shooters. I’m about half way through it and I dont think I can go on. I’m going to skip ahead to the other species and then come back later on. This is pretty disappointing, I’ve got my fingers crossed the other campaigns are better.

Man, I still can’t believe that. They get free reign to do whatever they want, use whatever resource they need, and they neglect that? The only reason I’m playing this hum-drum Marine campaign is because I want to immerse myself into the world Ridley Scott & James Cameron created. Such a glaring omission.


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