Secret Avengers Guessing Game

Boy Marvel is just giddy with excitement. They love to tease the hell out of us with this new Heroic Age stuff. All the previous Avengers books are being shut down and new ones are starting, new lineups. While we know the lineup of the new Thunderbolts, this is the first glimpse we’re seeing of the new Secret Avengers.
So far we’re just getting silhouettes with little quotes that are supposed to be clues, although honestly these quotes are so damn generic theyre more likely to throw us off our game then give us any real indication of whats what.
Anyways, in order of appearance thus far, and because I’m more then happy to play along…

I’m going with Beast on this one. A former Avenger from back in the 70’s/80’s, and having just left the X-Men out of frustration with Cyclops leadership, this crouching/leaping agile pose makes perfect sense. Sure, the obvious guess is probably Spider-Man. But I’m going out on a limb and saying if Spidey is still on the Avengers, he’ll be on the main roster. He’s a bright, shiney kinda guy. Besides, the quote seems very Beast, being a doctor/scientist. But having just said the quotes could throw me off, I’m ready for the possibility that it has.

The quote seems Scarlet Witch. Is this her chance for redemption?

I don’t buy it, not yet. I’m sure one day she’ll dig herself out of that hole and rejoin, but that wil take some build up and a devoted storyline. Not “BAM Normans out, good guys win, c’mon back, we forgive you for killing Clint and eliminating 90% of the mutants out there and just generally fucking with reality”.

Its again, a generic quote and could apply to anyone. I can’t think of too many heroines that actually wear capes in the Marvel U. Storm? Emma Frost?


I’m going with Linda, the Sentry’s wife, with his powers. Something happens to Bob ‘The Sentry’ Reynolds in SIEGE, and his neglected and abused wife inherits his powers. I hope so anyways, good gravy I’m sick of him.

Dr. Strange all the way.

After the events of World War Hulk with Strange no longer the Sorcerer Supreme, he’s looking for redemption. Plus, he’s got a big ridiculous cape. This ones easy.

This ones a pain in the ass. Not only is the quote ultra-generic, but the pose does nothing for us. A built guy in a skin-tight costume that flies. Well shit, that’s about 80% of the Marvel U. But I’m going for Noh-varr/Captain Marvel/The Protector or whatever the hell he’s calling himself. We saw Cap’n/Bucky scoping him out, Marvel likes the guy, believe it.

That’s all that was released thus far, more tomorrow I guess!


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