The Heroic Age

The biggest buzz today in the comic’s world is this released new image from Marvel titled “The Heroic Age” (noting DC’s similar shift with ‘Brightest Day’).

The new paradigm shift away from the last few years of Civil Wars, World Wars, Secret Invasions and all things ‘Dark’, the Marvel heroes apparently have some brighter days ahead of them (and it’s about time! I’m a fan of ‘dark’ and ‘gritty’, but unlike Hollywood I don’t think everything should be that way.

Cruising the comic sites and forums, a lot of people are assuming this is the new Avengers lineup once SIEGE ends; I guarantee this isn’t so.

While I believe part of it is, even money says Thor, Iron Man & (a) Captain America are on the team, some clearly won’t be. They won’t put Ken Hale on the team, he’s only there to further bring the Agents of Atlas to light. The guy simply doesn’t have the star power of someone like Wolverine to be in two team books. Not to mention Marvel is all about ramming that team down our throats lately.

Spiderman may or may not be on the team, my money says yes. Ditto for Beast. Beast conveniently just left the X-Men (again), it makes sense he’ll take his place on the Avengers again.

Black Widow makes sense, especially since she’s romantically involved with Bucky Barnes/Captain America. However Thing’s involvement is highly dubious. Hawkeye, finally, Clint Barton back as Hawkeye? Couldn’t be happier.

I’m fairly certain this image is a collection of images, mashed together by the wonders of Photoshop and simply used to stir the pot and cause discussion (and get the discussion off Marvels recent acts of disrespect against its Distinguished Competition’s rings promotions). The text at the top, the gradient background reek of last minute Photoshop hijinks.

Captain America is there, but which one? It appears at first glance to be Bucky Barnes, that’s his costume after all. However two things stand out:

a)      The person in this picture has blue eyes. Bucky has brown. Steve has blue. Colorist accident? Steve in a new costume? Ruse to throw us off?

b)      No gun. Bucky’s Captain America carried a gun. Artistic mistake? Intentional? After all, guns aren’t very ‘bright’.

Now that Steve is back, people have been wondering will he return to the Captain American mantle, or will Bucky keep it awhile longer? While it’s a foregone conclusion that Steve will one day have it back, I always thought Bucky was fine at it, and should keep it awhile longer. The comic “Who will wield the shield?” was supposed to answer this, however it’s ending was vague.

Or was it?

At the end of the comic, the President is telling Steve that he has something special in mind for him?

Maybe it should have been titled “Who will wield the S.H.I.E.L.D.?”

Easy money, Steve Rogers is put in charge of S.H.I.E.L.D. once Norman Osborn is kicked out. He makes perfect sense, who better?

Iron Man? No way. That didn’t work out so well, the Skrulls invaded on his watch.

Nick Fury? Highly unlikely. His reputation is still poop after Secret War.

Maria Hill? Iron Man supporting cast now. No way.

Steve Rogers is perfect. Aside from being a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent for countless years, his comic predominantly being an espionage comic, he’s loved in the public’s eyes, there’s no one better to reassure America and the World that things are back on track.


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