You know, that gooey stuff. Chimichanga? No. Enchilada.

So today I did some detective  work via text trying to find out what Michael wanted for dinner.

It started with “that gooey mexican thing”, after a while I realized that he was wanting some enchiladas.

Now I had never made enchiladas, nor did I really know the proper recipe for one.  So I googled a bit around on my cell while working, and came up with a few ideas. I also thought some guacamole would go great on the side with some tortilla chips. So I promptly text-ed michael back informing him that he must pick up some “squishy” avocados and a lime, as I would take care of the rest.

I’d like to make mention that this is one of those improv meals where I’m using whatever I have at home, instead of buying all of the proper ingredients.

Waste not want not, and all that jazz.

Since there was some fresh chorizo in the fridge ready to go, I decided to use that as my main protein, with some black beans for good measure.

My recipe is as follows:

I first threw on some basmati rice, about 1/4 cup rice, with 1/2 cup chicken stock. I also added about 2 tbsp salsa from the fridge. This way the rice will absorb the tomato-y goodness and give a bit of flavour. Bring the rice to a boil and reduce the heat, simmer about 20 mins until all the liquid has absorbed into the rice.

While the rice was cooking I chopped up the chorizo, some onion and garlic and sautéed until the sausage was browned , and the vegetables cooked.

I then, decided to double multitask; As that was cooking aswell, I decided to quickly make the guacamole.

I rifled through the bag of avocados from the grocery store, and unfortunately only one was ripe. So guacamole for two it had to be!

I sliced the avocado in half, removed the pit and scooped the meaty goodness into a bowl. Added about 1 tbsp of chopped jalapeno, 1 tbsp of cilantro, 1/2 a lime squeezed in, 2 tbsp finely diced red onion, and salt and pepper. I normally like to add some finely diced tomato, but I was tomato-less and we were hungry. Let this sit, as you want the flavours to meld while the rest of your meal is being prepared.

nom nom nom nom nom

Now I needed some mexican-y flavours to add to this dish, so I rifled through the cupboards and found half a packet of fajita seasoning. So I sprinkled this on the chorizo/onion mixture and removed it from the heat.

I then asked Michael to grate some cheese, and please, please don’t wince once I tell you what I used.

I got him to grate some applewood smoked cheddar, and some 4 year old aged cheddar. (travesty!!) This was beautiful, beautiful cheese, which is probably better enjoyed alone or with some crackers.

At some point during these steps I strained a can of black beans.

It was then assembly time!

I took 4 regular sized wheat wraps (I hear you’re supposed to use corn, eh.), layered in the rice, black beans, chorizo mixture and cheese. Rolled them up and put them in a roasting dish.

I then topped them with some canned red enchilada sauce. (Thanks Gourmet Warehouse!) and topped with the remaining cheese.

I then placed it in a 350 oven for about 15-20 mins, until the cheese was melted.

Now I was actually very worried about this dish due to the amount of 4 year old cheddar in there. As that type of cheddar is VERY sharp, I was worried it would overpower the dish and our bellies would be sad.

Luckily it was DELICIOUS! I was incredibly happy with how it turned out and I’ll definitely make enchiladas again, but maybe slightly more traditional.



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